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Petition to Seal Records

Many people mistakenly believe that records of past arrests were destroyed because they were not convicted of a crime or because their sentence was deferred. But those old records can come back to haunt them on college applications or employment background checks. The best way to clean up the records is to petition the court to have your criminal records sealed from public view.
You may only petition the Court to seal arrest or criminal records if you meet one of the following requirements:

  • All charges were dismissed or you were acquitted of all charges.
  • There is only an arrest record and no charges were filed in a Court.
  • You had a case that was dismissed due to a plea agreement in another case and 10 or more years have passed from the final disposition of all criminal proceedings and no additional criminal charges since the date of the final disposition of all criminal proceedings have been filed against you.

*In limited circumstances, you may be eligible to seal a case even when there has been a conviction.
If the Petition is sufficient on its face, the Court will set a hearing. Then, we will prepare for and appear for the hearing.
We will make our argument as to why the case should be sealed. If the Court agrees with us, then the Court will sign the Order to Seal. Then, we have to get copies of the Order to all of the pertinent law enforcement agencies. The entire case will take a couple months as there is a lot of procedure to be followed (pursuant to the statute on sealing records).
The Court, law enforcement and criminal justice agencies will always have access to the file. The files are not destroyed. However, as provided under the statute, if inquiries are made by anyone other than a criminal justice agency, all agencies must respond that “no such record exists with respect to such person”.
The attorneys at Causey & Howard, LLC have had great success in sealing cases and can determine whether sealing a criminal record is possible in your case.

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