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How to Choose an Attorney for Your Business in 7 Simple Steps When you buy or rent a house, a security system is a mandatory. It safeguards everything and provides a security blanket for you and your family. This is exactly how an attorney works for a business enterprise as well. They keep your company’s legal well-being as their highest priority. One such law firm is Causey & Howard, based in Avon, Colorado. Check out their services Is There a Right Time to Find a Lawyer? Yes, there is, experts advise companies to hire an attorney at an early stage of their business. Corporate lawyers are instrumental in dealing with tax issues, obtaining funding, preparing employee contracts, and more. Do not let the cost deter you from completing this crucial task. Make sure that you already have a law firm on board before you take up risky matters. This can be beginning a partnership, getting a new license, starting a franchise, getting a new investment, etc. The earlier you hire their services, the less chance of your business getting caught in the web of law. How to Find My Business Attorney There are several ways to do this. Asking for referrals from friends, looking up social networking sites, getting help from attorney referral services, or contacting paralegal services.  Best practice is to use a combination of all four methods. Because this is a crucial decision for your company’s future, don’t rush into finalizing an attorney. And always meet potential candidates in person. And meet multiple attorneys. Write down your expectations and the attorney’s responsibilities beforehand. Here is a list of basic questions to keep in mind during such a meeting. What Kind of Lawyer Do I Need- General or Specialized? Though most companies will require a corporate lawyer’s services for essential company functions, some might need specialized help. This mostly will depend on the company and product/service type. Hence, your third step is to figure out what kind of assistance you want. There are a plethora of categories under the law and, as a result, lawyers too. Companies are advised to consult their local/state bar associations for such specialized lawyer referrals. If you are hiring a general lawyer for a particular need, make sure they are open to learning strategies and trends in your niche market area. Avon-based Causey & Howard is one such law firm specializing in employment law, corporate law, DUI and drug offenses, and more. Pick the Size That Works for Your Business While one cannot equate an agency’s size to its performance, it will play a key role in deciding your relationship with them. There are ups and downs in both categories. The only way to crack this is to pick a firm that suits your company the best. Small-sized firms may not have sufficient resources to help you. But they will be able to focus better on your needs. And vice versa holds good as well. But make sure the attorney assigned to you has prior experience, is a good fit, has good communication skills, and shows commitment. Scrutinize the Law Firm’s Assets and Resources This will truly give you a clearer picture of their capabilities. This is a direct indicator of the degree of assistance your company will be receiving. You can also take a look at their customer testimonials and their credentials for this purpose. Are they members of trade unions or chamber of commerce groups? How extensive is their social network of other lawyers and judges? How qualified are the lawyers they hire? What is their success rate with legal proceedings? These are some of the questions you can ask to rate their assets and resources. Work Within Your Budget Helpful and trustworthy legal aid never comes cheap. But it should be viewed as an investment rather than an expenditure. After all, hiring a reasonable business attorney is like paying for insurance. But always work within your budget. First, do enough research to get a fair idea about the market rate. Talk to other colleagues who have hired lawyers. Find what the hourly rate charged by attorneys in your local region is. After this, have an open discussion with your potential lawyer about their fee structure. Never hesitate to broach this topic and also to negotiate. Don’t Hesitate to Move on If All Is Not Good Getting a law firm with which you have a comfortable and trusted rapport is hard to find. This usually takes a couple of trials and errors. And this is perfectly normal. Companies must understand that it isn’t the end of the world if you have to change lawyers. But it is advised that both the company and lawyer have an open talk when things aren’t on the same page any longer. Do not lose hope in the beginning. Keep trying until you find your best fit. Advantages of Hiring a Business Attorney
  • Provide Legal Counsel for Launching and Expanding Business
In the world of business, every step of progress is accompanied by a risk quotient. Hiring a business attorney will help you reach your goals and shield you from legal tussles at the same time. You can launch and expand your venture with a strong legal foundation. Business lawyers will help in establishing the best-suited structure for your company. This includes deciding whether your company will be an LLC, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, or a corporation. Based on your future goals, they will help to understand tax obligations, liabilities, employee inquiries, setup, and step-up costs. You can incorporate your business in a hassle-free manner as well. Contact the legal team at Avon-based Causey & Howard law firm to provide your enterprise with a solid legal base before you kickstart your business. Help You Overcome Employee Troubles Issues that arise between employees and owners should be addressed immediately. And taking the help of an efficient business lawyer will help you achieve this. Right from hiring and firing employees, forming and updating contracts, and deciding compensations and benefits, an attorney’s presence is crucial. Employee terminations are usually messy and turbulent affairs. These can do real damage to your company’s reputation and progress. Without an attorney by your side, you become vulnerable to cumbersome lawsuits. They are convenient while deciding working hours, the number of holidays, maternity leave, and more. Protect You from Lawsuits and Minimize Damage The police showing up at the doorstep or getting sued is any enterprises’ worst nightmare. Lawyers remind us of courtrooms, and we dislike the mental image. But they are also the only ones who can prevent these situations altogether. Hire a competent business attorney right at the start of launching your business to avoid legal troubles. Also as minimizing damages is their strongest suit, they will guide you through a settlement or mediation process to keep your financial losses low. Simplify the Process of Drafting Contracts Drafting the fine print is as important as reading it. And who knows corporate legal jargon better than business attorneys? Experts advise businesses to take a lawyers’ help to draft and review contracts with employees, clients, partners, and investors. A legally clear and loophole-free contract will help you protect your assets and avoid losing money. Business lawyers will help in analyzing external contracts put forth by partners and investors too. They will make sure it’s legally binding and beneficial to your company. It is harder to get fooled with a good business attorney at your side. Guide You in the Complex Web of Taxation People loathe the process of paying taxes more than paying taxes itself. Business corporations are no exceptions. And the bigger the business, the more cumbersome taxation processes become. But you don’t have to break your head alone. Your business attorney will give you ample support and guidance. Their functions under this include find credits and deductions, keep an active record of transactions, file for tax returns, keep an eye on dates and deadlines, stay on top of employee and state tax, etc. Above all, they save you a ton of time. You can also ask your business lawyer to suggest specialized tax attorneys deal with this process. Safeguard Your Business Assets When you are running a profit-making enterprise, you are bound to attract attention. This may not always be positive. Hence, it is of grave importance to keep your assets, especially intellectual property, away from harm. This includes logos, inventions, blueprints, product designs, and artistic work. A well-experienced business attorney will advise you to sign non-disclosure agreements, liability waiver, licenses or sales contracts to protect your IP. They can also help you file for a patent, trademark, copyrights, and trade secrets to safeguard your company’s work. It is nearly impossible to create and protect all your creation at the same time. All companies must get their lawyer’s help for this step. Provide Overall Legal Aid Business attorneys don’t have to be a company’s fairy godmother all the time. They are handy even to help with the daily proceedings of your business. You can find a friend, an advisor, and a spokesperson in your business attorney. Forming a solid bond with your attorney will make you and your business confident and dynamique. Head over to Avon-based Causey & Howard’s website to obtain trustworthy and efficient legal assistance. Causey & Howard’s attorneys provide general and specialized counsel in business, commercial and financial transactions. We have extensive experience in commercial transactions, corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships and government contracts. Our clients include companies in various industries and both institutional and individual investors. Causey & Howard’s attorneys are experienced at handling issues of corporate governance for both publicly-held and private companies. We advise businesses, their directors and their shareholders with regard to the fiduciary duties of officers and directors, methods of leadership, adoption of clear corporate policies, adoption of compliance systems that can be updated as needed, and the best practices for engaging in legal and ethical conduct designed to increase productivity. When necessary, we are ready to assist clients who come under regulatory investigation.

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